Obsessions: Robe

Chancery Lane

Chancery Lane

I’m obsessed with a few things. I’m obsessed with sass & bide, window shopping at net-a-porter, buying all the fashion glossies each month, my running training, white wine, French champagne, Alexander McQueen, Nike apparel, Pinot, tattoos … probably too many things to mention. I am also obsessed with a local fashion boutique, the gorgeous Robe in Bendigo.

When I moved back to Central Victoria five years ago, after over a decade in the city of Perth, I worried that I would have nowhere to shop for my favourite brands. A week or two after we got back here, I was flicking through Bendigo Magazine when I came across an ad for Robe. And there, amongst the brands they stocked, was sass & bide.

12 ½ Chancery Lane, was the address. I racked my brain. I’d lived in Bendigo before, but I had no idea where Chancery Lane was. I looked it up, jumped in the car, and headed up to Bendigo to suss it out.

Back then Robe was pretty much the only shop in Chancery Lane, a quaint little laneway between Hargraeves St and Pall Mall. I remember walking down there thinking it was a cool spot, but wondered how good the shop would be in this out of the way place.

I remember that first day clearly. I remember having a conversation with the owner of Robe, Fiona Rooke, about denim, in particular sass & bide Rabbit Boy jeans. She said it was refreshing to speak to someone who shared a passion for fashion (as it were).

Over the years, I have purchased many an item from Robe, and along the way have become friends with Fi. I have also managed to score the odd day or two of work there, which I love.

Inside Robe

Inside Robe

Fi has a beautiful eye for detail, and her shop is a pleasure to be in. There are many quirky touches, like the Nudie cemetery, the fake turf (if you head in to Robe at the moment you’ll see a mannequin in the window with a fake turf bow tie), the GORGEOUS denim upholstered couch (made from old traded in Nudies), the lolly machine (my kids love it) and the graffiti covered walls of the change rooms. This gorgeous boutique holds it’s own against any city store, let me assure you.

Turf bow tie anyone?

Turf bow tie anyone?

Whilst this may sound like an ad for Robe, trust me, it’s not. It’s a recommendation on my behalf to drop in and have a visit. And whilst you’re in Chancery Lane you’ll find great coffee at El Gordo’s, divine food at The Dispensary and fab hairdressers and beauty therapists at Jools For Jim.

Nudie Cemetery

Nudie Cemetery

I’m so pleased that I found Robe, though I’m not entirely sure my husband (and therefore wallet) would agree!! But I do have the most rocking wardrobe as a result.

Over the years, Robe has evolved into a must stop on the shopping scene of Bendigo. As well as sass & bide, Fi stocks Nudie, Ginger and Smart, Viktoria Woods, Jac+ Jack, Ma Dainty, Flux, Samantha Wills, Fleur Wood and Nique just to name a few! Seriously, it’s a beautiful shop to just go and have a browse in.

The gorgeous Fi and her little dog Kaj

The gorgeous Fi and her little dog Kaj

Thanks to Fi for letting me pop her instagram pics on here.

You can follow Robe on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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